Welcome to my photo blog. My favourite subjects — architecture, cityscapes, and the natural world — are inspired by the beautiful place I live, where urban meets wilderness.

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Leslie Welsh Robinson

A note about copyright: All words and images posted on this blog are the property of Leslie Welsh Robinson unless otherwise credited, and may not be reproduced elsewhere without express permission.

Banner image © Leslie Welsh Robinson, 2012.

11 Responses to About

  1. Julia says:

    Hi Leslie!

    Love the blog, such great photographs and intriguing content. My mother, sister and I just opened a shop up in New Westminster called Brick & Mortar Living and we would love for you to come and visit us. We are committed to becoming involved as much as we can in the community and are hoping to connect with local designers, artists, writers and bloggers to help promote New West as a place to explore and appreciate. We wish you continued success with your blog and hope to see you soon!

    Warm regards,



  2. Hi Leslie:
    Just checked out your blog again and then realized you also have two other blogs–poetry and geneaology. I had to laugh because I think we must be kindred spirits–I recently started a geneaology blog about my family too, http://www.findingafinefamily.wordpress.com! What was I thinking? I don’t have too much time for it now that I’m opening up 100 Braid St Studios, but I’m so happy to be following all of your blogs. Love your photos! Are you on instagram?


  3. Thanks so much, Susan! I have followed your genealogy blog. You may have noticed that mine is sadly neglected due to time constraints, but I really want to start posting to that blog again. As I said before, I’m looking forward to following your journey as you open your studio, and to seeing it in person when it’s ready!

    No, I’m not on Instagram.


  4. Chris Barbour says:

    Hi Leslie
    Your family story was very interesting. I too have Campbells (5 brothers with families) who emigrated to Upper Canada just post 1841 but from North Knapdale Argyllshire SCT.
    I am just starting my journey to try and find them in Ontario!!


  5. Thanks, Chris. I also have Campbells from Argyll in my family tree, on my father’s side. Maybe we’re related 🙂


  6. PedalWORKS says:

    Great photographs! Enjoy your blog.


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