Taking the Q to Q ferry from the Quay to Queensborough, New Westminster

On Sunday, July 30 my family and I took a trip across the river to Queensborough on the second day of a two-day free preview of the new “Q to Q” (New Westminster Quay to Queensborough) demonstration ferry crossing.

Once on the Queensborough side we took a walk around the Port Royal community before catching the return trip to the Quay about an hour later. I’d like to take the trip again when we have more time to spend on the other side, perhaps with bicycles so that we can cover more ground (bicycles are permitted on board the vessel).

The boat’s wake as we leave the dock at New Westminster Quay and head out onto the Fraser River

New Westminster Quay receding into the distance

Approaching Queensborough’s Port Royal neighbourhood on the eastern tip of Lulu Island

Heading for the dock on the Queensborough side

Passengers lining up for the return trip to the Quay

Looking across the Fraser River from Queensborough

Another view from the Port Royal riverfront walk

Railway crossing over the Fraser

Looking across the Fraser at the New Westminster Quay neighbourhood

Towers at New Westminster Quay and the railway bridge

Looking across Annacis Channel at Annacis Island from Port Royal

Port Royal trail on the Annacis Channel side

Click on photos to see a larger version.

For more information about the Q to Q ferry crossing and for prices and timetables, click here.

Note about accessibility:
Unfortunately, the boat in use for the trial period is not wheelchair accessible. For people with mobility issues and/or who are unable to stand for long periods of time, please note that there are ramps (fairly steep inclines) down to the docks and no seating available on the docks. To board the boat you must step over a ledge and there is another, shorter ledge at the entrance to the indoor seating area on the boat. Ultimately, the most inclusive solution for connecting Queensborough to the Quay would be an accessible pedestrian bridge; if such a solution proves impossible the City of New Westminster should ensure that the ferry crossing is usable by everyone.

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