VanDusen Gardens (part 3)

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4 Responses to VanDusen Gardens (part 3)

  1. Another great set from VanDusen Leslie. Love the blue poppy. I tried growing them once without much success. I must try again.


    • Thanks, Ken! The blue poppies are gorgeous. Perhaps the climate is a bit tricky for them here? I remember lots of poppies in California where the climate is, of course, a lot drier. I have seen poppies in gardens here though, so it must be achievable.


      • Most other poppies do well here. I believe the Himalayan are biannual and I may have been over zealous in my cultivating the second year. My mother told a story of her mother growing blue poppies in Powell River many, many years ago. The RCMP spotted them and tore them out claiming them to be opium poppies. Seems a little hard to believe but also hard to believe that my mother could come up with a story like that so…


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