Elinor ascending

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8 Responses to Elinor ascending

  1. Great photo Leslie! The colour and composition is wonderful.


  2. Greg D says:

    you know her? and… wow, those are long escalators. Cool shit!


    • Greg D says:

      gah!! *shot…. cool shot!!


      • Haha! The first version works, too 😉

        No, I don’t know the woman. As I was lining up the shot, a lot of men in grey suits kept getting on the escalator. I wanted to wait until the people were farther away, and fortuitously this woman in red got on and added a spot of colour to the scene.

        They are very long escalators (and look even longer in the original, uncropped photo). To be honest, they made me a bit nervous!


  3. Funkomatic says:

    There is a lot packed into this image. Do we know the woman? Is she leaving our company? What emotional state does that put the viewer in? Are we watching her ascend out of idle curiosity putting the viewer in an objectifying moment? Is she mid-step? The color she has stands in such overwhelming contrast to the men further on. Her position in space, and their positions, give hints of relations, but nothing definite. Is the man ahead of her looking back and around or is he glancing at her? The man on the right seems to be as alone as could be. There is so much story to be told here and like many powerful stories we come in to the middle and can’t know the start or ultimate conclusion. It’s hard for me to not stare at this picture.


    • I think I have achieved this kind of reaction possibly three times in 167 posts. Maybe I should do more abstract-y shots and fewer buildings and nature scenes. People haven’t been my main interest, but the shots that have made people feel something have people in them. Interesting.

      As I said, it’s fortuitous that she got onto the escalator as I was taking the shot, and it’s fortuitous too that she took a step at that precise moment. It suggests movement, or perhaps hesitation (being neither here nor there). There’s something a bit melancholy about the scene (but maybe that’s just me projecting).

      As soon as I saw the larger image on my monitor, the title popped into my head. I don’t actually know her name; I just liked the sound of “Elinor” and “ascending” together.

      Thanks for looking, and for commenting! It’s really satisfying when you put something out there that people react to. xoxo


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