Railway Community Garden, West 1st & Fir

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6 Responses to Railway Community Garden, West 1st & Fir

  1. I love that garden – aren’t those poppies glorious!


  2. Pete Pallett says:

    Lovely work, Leslie. Have you walked down the tracks from 41st Avenue south to 57th Avenue? Many more gardens there. Also, some beautiful private gardens in the lane that runs off Arbutus, just north of 37th Avenue and parallels the tracks.


    • Thank you, Pete! No, I haven’t. I’m sorry to say that I have driven past that stretch but never walked it. I will definitely check it out, and the gardens, if you promise not to accuse me of stalking you again 😉


  3. Dennis says:

    There is a clearing above Lynn Creek just down the hill from my palace where the same red poppies grow wild. 🙂


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