Wait for Me

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9 Responses to Wait for Me

  1. Susan says:

    Where is his trail of breadcrumbs? Lovely image.


  2. Great photo, beautiful light. There are lot’s of interpretations you could put to this photo. The paths running off to the sides – wonderful.


  3. Funkomatic says:

    That hits me right in the feels.


  4. Thank you, everyone. It was a lucky shot. My kids were running down the path, but just as I went to take a picture my son stopped because his sister had gotten too far ahead. You can almost see the slump in his shoulders and feel the sense of abandonment resonating from him.

    It’s a poignant image for me because my daughter is poised on the edge of adolescence and is about to leave him behind in a very real sense.


  5. Two roads diverged in the woods…



  6. Michelle says:

    C’est NICE as Georges would say….a big compliment indeed!


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