Spring Break Adventures 2013: UBC Farm

On our second day of Spring Break Adventuring we took a walk to the UBC Farm on the University of British Columbia campus. UBC Farm, run by the Centre for Sustainable Food Systems, is the only working farm within the city of Vancouver proper and as such is an important connection to the rural in an urban setting. We were reminded of this fact especially when we had to make our way through construction sites and past trucks driving in and out of the area as condo developments continue to spread through what was once a forested area, right up to the edge of the farm.

Early spring is not the best time to visit the farm because not much is growing yet and the Farm Market operates from June to October, but we still enjoyed our visit. We will be sure to make a return visit in summer.

After walking around the Farm we played at a new playground nearby, then headed to Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt in the new Wesbrook Village development for a post-walk treat.

Take a look at our photos from our UBC Farm adventure!

At the entrance to the farm


Entrance to the Children’s Learning Garden


Cob garden shed made of locally available natural materials


In the garden


The Farm Market


Spot the kids


At Menchie’s Frozen Yogurt



Stay tuned for our next adventure, a trip to Granville Island!

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2 Responses to Spring Break Adventures 2013: UBC Farm

  1. Hmmm, interesting contrast between the fresh veggie gardens and the desserts – which one was your?


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