Spring Break Adventures 2013: Vancouver Maritime Museum

Last year my children and I went on some Spring Break Adventures and blogged about them, and we decided to do the same again this year. There are so many things to do and see in the Lower Mainland of British Columbia, especially when the sun is shining!

Our first outing this time was to the Vancouver Maritime Museum located in Vanier Park on Kitsilano Point in Vancouver. First, we had lunch at Juliet’s Cafe at the corner of Cypress and Cornwall streets at the entrance to Kits Point. After lunch it was a short, pleasant walk to the Museum. Before we went into the Museum, we spent some time watching dogs run in the park outside.

Inside, there are lots of interesting things to see. You can look at model ships, play on the bridge of a tugboat, do crafts, and most exciting of all, board the St. Roch, an old RCMP ship built to patrol the Arctic. She was the first vessel to cross the Northwest Passage in both directions, and she also sailed through the Panama Canal before she was retired after 20 years of active service.

Take a look at some pictures from our trip to the Museum.

The Vancouver Maritime Museum and the Centennial totem pole
by Chief Mungo Martin (Kwakwaka’wakw)


Model of RMS Empress of Japan


The tugboat crew


Aboard the St. Roch


In the bunks


Ship’s bell


Newtsuit atmospheric diving suit


Small diver

Stay tuned for our next adventure, a trip to the UBC Farm!

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