Mountain View Cemetery

Soul food


Path of reflection




Standing tall




The grave of Tse Wai Sum


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12 Responses to Mountain View Cemetery

  1. Dennis says:

    My grandparents are all buried here.


  2. Beautiful photos, Leslie. You really portray the tranquility and history of the place.


  3. sethsnap says:

    Amazing shots. I love the cross one.


  4. Great photographs Leslie. I have all sorts of family buried here – some of the nicest family members I’ve ‘met’. Mountain View used to have an online list of burials – very useful for genealogy research – but it seems to be gone now.


    • Hi Kenneth,

      I also have family buried in Mountain View and noticed that they seem to have removed their online list, which is disappointing. They do have an app for iPhones but that is not of much use to those of us without iPhones!

      Thank you for visiting and commenting.



  5. funkomatic says:

    A very nice set of photos indeed!
    I do wonder about the pomegranates, though.


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