Carlton Court, New Westminster

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10 Responses to Carlton Court, New Westminster

  1. Rob Jones says:

    It’s one of my favourite buildings in this region.


  2. Agreed! Diversity makes things so much more interesting.


  3. Love the architecture & neighbourhood! Pre-modernist and jazz-age…always loved it, until…
    Sad note: my good friend ( ex-girlfriend from teenage years) lived in this apartment for 17 years, slowly losing her good health. Mis-diagnoses and forensic medicine revealed heavy-metal poisoning from bad pipes, accumulated metals/lead-poisoning!
    Now recovering, slowly, moved around the corner…yoga, raw-food diet, chelation therapy. Strange context to see it here.


  4. I like the way you show the building from a distance and then close in on a part of it. The post with the pharma building is cool like that too.


  5. Tereza McDermid says:

    Great photos! My great grandfather and great grandmother lived in apartment 10 at Carlton Court in the 1970’s. Brings back great memories of my visits with them when I was very young.

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