Smile Diner

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5 Responses to Smile Diner

  1. funkomatic says:

    Did you eat there?
    Is it any good?
    Do those random ellipses both you, too?
    Is that Canadian and Chinese food combination like the English and their popular appreciation of Indian food?
    Was that question accidentally offensive (I hope not!)?


    • No, I have not eaten there. The reviews, shall we say, were mixed.

      The ellipses cause me to read the name of the place as “Smile … [pause] … Diner”. Kind of like “Smile! … you’re on Candid Camera!”

      Do you not have restaurants serving Chinese and American food in the States? It’s standard for “we have Chinese food but you can also get cheeseburgers.”


      • funkomatic says:

        Ah, understood.

        That works. I get stuck in a strange mental loop wondering what the rest of the thought implied by an ellipsis oddly placed might be, in this case, is the diner itself playing coy with that smile?

        Not really unless you are taking about the kid’s menu.


  2. Excellent! This is on my list of places I keep meaning to photograph. So glad you took this!


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