Children & Nature

Spanish Bank West beach

Something happens to kids when they’re out in nature. They’re happy and full of wonder at everything they see. The outdoors has a calming influence; there’s no fighting over leaves, sticks, and rocks like there sometimes is over toys or video games at home.

We can walk long distances without hearing “Are we there yet?” and we can hang out in one place for a long time without hearing “Can we go now?”

Locarno Park

This is what happened recently at a neighbourhood park we hadn’t been to in several years. New playground equipment had been put in where previously there had been only a grassy field and baseball diamond. No doubt the new playground equipment cost the city thousands of dollars. The children played on it for a few minutes before making a beeline for this tree, where they happily remained for the rest of our stay at the park.

Human designers can’t compete with Mother Nature’s designs, and children feel a connection with a living tree that can’t be duplicated in metal and plastic.

Pacific Spirit Regional Park

We are fortunate to live within walking distance of the ocean, and that the way there takes us through a big forest. We walk along the paths, breathing in the fresh, leaf-scented air and making exciting discoveries as we go.

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3 Responses to Children & Nature

  1. Anth says:

    How long are the trails at Pacific Spirit Regional Park?


  2. Great post … I love the photos (and the subjects thereof!) and your writing.


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