Marine Building reflected, Vancouver


Trees at UBC, Vancouver


Cobblestones in Kitsilano, Vancouver


Trees on Bowen Island


Vancouver Public Library, Central Branch


Cleveland Dam, North Vancouver


Lion’s Gate Bridge, Vancouver to North Shore


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7 Responses to Lines

  1. Dennis says:

    Great photos. By highlighting the geometry in mundane or “ugly” images we can always find beauty. šŸ™‚


  2. funkomatic says:

    I really like the Cleveland Dam photo.


  3. Rodrigue says:

    Great shots, cohesive thematic progression, non figurative, rhythmic patterns, like music.


  4. Trish Winston says:

    Leslie, I think you may have a new career, These photos are stunning. Trish W.


  5. Thank you, everyone, for the likes and comments!


  6. Lovely photographs! I particularly like the first one. Excellent post.


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