Spring Break Adventures 2012, Day 5: Commercial Drive

Friday’s outing took us to East Vancouver’s Commercial Drive, a bustling high street with lots of cool shops and restaurants known to locals as “The Drive”.

We started out with lunch at Cafe Deux Soleils, a vegetarian restaurant and Commercial Drive institution.

Cafe Deux Soleils

After our tasty lunch, we strolled along The Drive, window shopping and happily greeting all the neighbourhood dogs who were out with their people for a walk in the sunshine.

Mexican Day of the Dead skeleton figurines

Bike shop

Our stroll ended up at Grandview Park, a popular and convenient gathering-place for local families. The park has recently been upgraded with new playground equipment and accessible washroom facilities.

Grandview Park, Commercial Drive

When we finished playing at the park, we headed to a nearby off-leash dog park to play with our friend Max and his people.

It was a wonderful day, and we finally had some sunshine! Back to school and work on Monday… We wish our Spring Break Adventures could go on forever (or at least for a few more weeks).

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1 Response to Spring Break Adventures 2012, Day 5: Commercial Drive

  1. Dennis says:

    As a native of The People’s Republic of East Vancouver, Commercial Drive was always a destination for late night pasta and espresso. We never referred to it as “The Drive” it was always “Commercial Drive” or “Little Italy” and it will always be that to me just like I’ll never refer to the recently rebranded “Hastings – Sunrise” as “The East Village” it will always be “the East End”.
    That being said I do love the change in Commercial Drive with its mix of eclectic restaurants and businesses. I recently discovered the Havana Restaurant which combines a Cuban menu with an art gallery and small community theatre and the Reef Restaurant with it’s Caribean fusion menu. Where else can one get Jerk Chicken Poutine? 😉
    Loving you adventures with Kate and Graham!


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